Our Services


  • Preparation of business plans
  • Mentoring for business strategy
  • Preparation of reports for funds sourcing
  • Assessment of business viability


  • Company formation
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Provision of registered office


  • Assessment of financial systems
  • Implementing standard reporting systems
  • Identifying key performance indicators
  • Total outsourcing of book keeping activities including invoicing and debt collection, payment and payroll preparation
  • Preparation of management accounts and management reports
  • Cash flow forecasting and reporting


  • Merger and acquisition services
  • Business assessment and write-up for investment sourcing or sale
  • Due diligence for investment purpose
  • Business assessment for refinancing or restructuring
  • Business valuation


  • To act as IT Consultants
  • To develop IT Solutions


  • To act as Board advisors
  • To act as non executive directors


  • Identifying markets locally and overseas
  • Development of marketing strategy for the business or product / services
  • Assistance with marketing of product / services


  • Assessment of operational capabilities
  • Advice on efficiency of production
  • Sourcing of resources
  • Development of reports and indicators to monitor operations including performance


  • Implementation of financial systems
  • Process of a merger with an existing business
  • Process of streamlining a merger or an acquisition


BizAdvize is associated and collaborates with Guy Pain, a partner with Cottons Corporate Finance, a UK firm of Chartered Accountants.

Working With BizAdvize Services Sdn Bhd

Ambrose Nathan and Guy Pain have worked together successfully in partnership in the UK before Ambrose left to continue his career in industry in the Far East. 

Assistance can be provided to Brunei Darussalam in its Wawasan Brunei 2035 objectives by working with the Brunei Economic Development Board and other esteemed organizations to stimulate business and growth in Brunei Darussalam.

Three key areas of cooperation have been identified: –

Advising UK and European Companies in Investing in Brunei Darussalam

With the assistance of BEDB we can advise on the establishment of Pioneer Industries and Service Companies in Brunei Darussalam by established operators based in the UK and Europe. The BEDB has recognized a number of key industry clusters within the export orientated manufacturing and services sectors. We can assist in bringing such targeted businesses to consider Brunei Darussalam as a base for future operations and to develop future markets in the Far East. Although such industries may require initial assistance from overseas personnel, the objective would be to develop and train local personnel to develop the businesses in the future.

Resource Planning

Through a network of national and international contacts we have the ability to source products or services from the UK or Europe that would be useful to develop business in Brunei Darussalam.    

Acquisition of, or Investment in, UK and European Companies and Businesses by Brunei Organizations or Individuals

There are many opportunities to become involved in advising organizations or individuals from Brunei Darussalam in the acquisition of, or investment in, UK and European companies and businesses. We can assist in providing strategic advice, commercial and financial due diligence and general management assistance. We can also serve on the Board of Directors post acquisition or investment and provide regular reporting and advice going forward. Such acquisitions or investments may then lead to developing operational facilities in Brunei Darussalam itself to service Far East and other markets.